Attention CaliCoHost Server Upgrade Schedualed Tonight for 2x Speed – Upgrade News
We are currently upgrade our servers to Double our speeds and resources to improve our servers serversSpeed, reliability and customer satisfaction…

What does this mean for current customers Your costs stay the same but your speed and services double in strength. New customers and hosting accounts will have a slightly higher price but existing accounts remain grandfathered in to there original prices.

Management Service added:

Management integration with our server leasing company here in LA is added to improve tech support repair times and easier customer support.

what exactly is being updated or increased? ::

2x Ram Memory
2x CPU
10x port speed
2x bandwidth
2x Storage space

This means the servers resources overall and wont necessarily reflect on your account but you will feel the increase in speed.

Upgrading-ServersWhen will the upgrade take place?

At midnight tonight 12:01 Am Pacific Time

Should we expect any downtime?

there may be some downtime momentarily when the swap occurs but should only be momentary.
Upgrade should be completed by 6 am we ask that customers refrain from making allot of site edits
and server Cpanel changes during this time or your edits and changes may not stick and need to be repeated.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

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